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N is a name of at least five acts:

1) A abstract hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop pseudonym of Ivan Gladkov, from Moscow, Russia. Releases include the album "Left" (Apr 2010, Liminal Recs).

Sites: Discogs and MySpace

2) A mis-tagging of N-Dubz (aka N Dubz).

3) A Helsinki, Finland rock band with members: Samppa Fjäder (bass - since 1997), Kassu Lindgren (drums - since 1994), Pekka Loponen (guitars, vocals - since 1998) and Jussi Saarelma (vocals, keyboards - since 1994). Their influences are from pop to chaos metal.

Sites: MySpace and (official)

4) An ambient pseudonym of Hellmut Neidhardt, which débuted with "Bergen" (2003, Genesungswerk) and, excluding collaborations, has the latest album "Gager" (Oct 2010, Denovali Records).

Other releases include a collaboration with Mal Hoeschen, N & Segment, for the singe "Karnap" (Jul 2001, Genesungswerk).

The music of N is like a mirror of the moment. Regardless how much thinking and planning went before, the sound captured by a “live”-recording setting comes directly from the inside. Amps + guitar are the instruments used, there is no cut and paste afterwards nor any overdub…

All N-work is counted by numbers that reflect the timeline of recording and / or the moment of the conclusion to go for the certain concept. All N-recordings (with the possible exception of single-tracks) deal with a real place and so the title of any album does.

Sites: Discogs

5) A Drew Mulholland pseudonym, used to release the track "The Hackney Homonculus" (2004 , on v/a "The Electronic Bible Chapter 1", White Label Music).

Sites: Discogs

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