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N is a name of at least five acts:

1) A abstract hip-hop / instrumental hip-hop pseudonym of Ivan Gladkov, from Moscow, Russia. Releases include the album "Left" (Apr 2010, Liminal Recs).

Sites: Discogs and MySpace

2) A mis-tagging of N-Dubz (aka N Dubz).

3) A Helsinki, Finland rock band with members: Samppa Fjäder (bass - since 1997), Kassu Lindgren (drums - since 1994), Pekka Loponen (guitars, vocals - since 1998) and Jussi Saarelma (vocals, keyboards - since 1994). Their influences are from pop to chaos metal.

Sites: MySpace and Mikseri.net/artists/?id=15950 (official)

4) An ambient pseudonym of Hellmut Neidhardt, which débuted with "Bergen" (2003, Genesungswerk) and, excluding collaborations, has the latest album "Gager" (Oct 2010, Denovali Records).

Other releases include a collaboration with Mal Hoeschen, N & Segment, for the singe "Karnap" (Jul 2001, Genesungswerk).

The music of N is like a mirror of the moment. Regardless how much thinking and planning went before, the sound captured by a “live”-recording setting comes directly from the inside. Amps + guitar are the instruments used, there is no cut and paste afterwards nor any overdub…

All N-work is counted by numbers that reflect the timeline of recording and / or the moment of the conclusion to go for the certain concept. All N-recordings (with the possible exception of single-tracks) deal with a real place and so the title of any album does.

Sites: Discogs

5) A Drew Mulholland pseudonym, used to release the track "The Hackney Homonculus" (2004 , on v/a "The Electronic Bible Chapter 1", White Label Music).

Sites: Discogs

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