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Terry Tantri Wulansari, known as Mulan Jameela (born August 23, 1982 in Garut, Indonesia; previously known as Wulan Ardina and Mulan Kwok is an Indonesian solo singer.

Mulan Kwok started her career in music industry when in 2005 she joined Ratu, a duo with Maia Ahmad, (aka Maia Estianty). Previously before she known as the famous Mulan Kwok, in 1996 Terry Tantri Wulansari known as Wulan Ardina released her debut solo album Aku Tetap Tersenyum. In 2000, she's released the 2nd album entitled Kekal who has similar music like Nike Ardilla, Slow Rock.

In 2007, she expressed her dissatisfaction with Ratu management regarding payshare. Later in 2007 she left Ratu to establish her own solo career, however, still under the same management as Ratu. It was rumored later that the actual cause of her leaving was her affair with Maia's husband. Immediately after the incident, Mulan Kwok decided to launch her own music career under Republik Cinta and change her name become Mulan Jameela.

Under the flag of Republik Cinta management, she finally released her first debut self-titled album, "Mulan Jameela", under her new label EMI. The first single from the debut album, Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy (God's Sexiest Creature) was very successful and competed with single "Ingat Kamu" (Remembering You). Her second single, Wonder Woman also gained a commercial success. The album has been certified platinum only after several months since January 2008, for selling more than 100.000 copies.

Many speculated that her breakup from Ratu was in part caused by her affair with Ahmad Dhani, Maia's husband and owner of Republik Cinta management, under which Ratu is one of the artists being managed.

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