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There are several artists with the name "Luke":

1) French rock band formed in Paris in 1998. Wikipedia.

2) Luther Campbell (aka Luke), former member of Miami hip hop group 2 Live Crew

3) There was also a Danish electronic ambient pop band named Luke. They have released two albums on the Music For Dreams label. Luke are from Copenhagen and debuted eponymously in september 2002.

Singer Tanja Thulau had a past as backing singer for Lex & Klatten . Songwriter/guitarist Nikolaj Grandjean worked with Marie Frank before Luke , and later with many others (eg Phil Mison) ; as well as solo. Others in the band were Bastian Sjelbjerg (bass) and Jens Bjørkjær (producer, sax, guitar, keyboards). Drummer Mikkel Hess Hess is more left Luke in 2006, but played on all records : The album Nurse And Amaze came in 2005 and Guaratiba came in april 2006.

4) Luke De-Sciscio (aka Luke) is an acoustic songsmith.
With many ‘beautifully constructed tracks, his dizzying falsettos confuse and delight the senses’, whilst ‘the honesty and poetic nature of his lyrics spin a web around your own heart’.

This young performer has played many gigs around the south of England and continues to perform developing a loyal fan base.

5) There is also a german indie-rock band from Düsseldorf called Luke. Members: Philipp Dahlmann (g/lead vocals), Santhuru Elmo (g/k), Dominik Nickel (b), Micha Umfahrer (d), Dominik Bahners (g/backing vocals). Releases: "Don't Waste Your Time" (EP, 2010)

6) A techno DJ from Berlin, Germany connected to Tresor Records.

7) A Chinese atmospheric folk/dark metal one-man project from Suzhou. Released one demo, "Lake of Mirror" in 2011.

8) Pop Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Toronto, ON. He is currently working on his debut album.

9) Luke is an alias used by Luca Torchiani for the Super Eurobeat series. He is under the Eurobeat label "Delta Music Industry". He released 2 songs on the Super Eurobeat series such as "The Champion" on Super Eurobeat Vol.197, "Go Shinkansen!" on Super Eurobeat Vol.202 with Cherry (Clara Moroni) and "Time Fighters" on Super Eurobeat Vol.215.

He also has 2 unreleased tracks that were finally released on the "Eurobeat Masters" compilations by Delta (some were illegal) such as "Turbo Disco" and "Dangerous Speed Cars".

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