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A French band, three Asian solo artists and a Danish duo share this same name.

1) Band: Since Yvelines College where the two brothers Fabien and Florian Dubos and their two friends Nicolas Chassagne and Benoît Poher discovered that they shared the same passion for Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rage, Soundgarden... and the graphic universe of Japanese mangas, Kyo has existed. The four boys honed their talents in concerts at schools and various venues in the Paris area. In 97, they met their future manager, who, convinced of their potential, got the band their first contract with Sony edition. The professional adventure was set in concrete with their entry as the first local signature in the Jive/repertory Zomba France. 2003 was definitely KYO's year. The French pop quartet was nominated numerous times at NRJ's annual music awards, winning best French album, song, and group of the year honors. All the hubbub was over when KYO's second album, Le Chemin (The Way), and its title track/lead single, which dominated the European charts all year and made stars out of the four photogenic fellows from Paris. Nicolas Chassagne, Benoît Poher, and brothers Florian Dubos and Fabien Dubos had already made a splash with their self-titled début in 2000, but it was the textured, slightly electronicized pop of "Le Chemin" -- a duet with Dutch songstress Sita -- that really established their slick, Depeche Mode-meets-BBMak sound.

2)Solo artist: 京 (Kyo) is a current member of Dir en grey, has also released his own solo work, accompanied by books of his poems.

3)Solo artist: Another Kyo is a prominent figure of the Japanese rock scene. Kyo has provided vocals for many bands since the explosion in Japanese rock bands of the 80's, including Yokosuka Saver Tiger, D'erlanger, die in cries and most recently BUG, in addition to a solo career spanning seven albums and eleven years.

4) Solo artist: Korean artist with a new album " KYO 1st Single Album (DCALCOMANIE)"

5) Kyo is the experimental brainchild of Copenhagen-based artist and composer Frederik Valentin and Hannes Norrvide of synth provocateurs Lust for Youth.

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