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Killing Me Inside is an Indonesian post-hardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia, currently signed to Fast Youth Records. The band was founded in early 2006 by guitarist Josaphat Klemens, drummer Rendy, and bassist Onadio Leonardo. Their debut album with original vocalist Sansan was December 6, 2008, titled A Fresh Start For Something New. Their self-titled second studio album with new vocalist, Onadio Leonardo, was released August 30, 2010, with Royal Prima Musikindo Records.

While on their first Indonesian tour in late 2008, Sansan left the band, for (according to the band's MySpace blog) "personal reasons." For the remainder of the tour, Onadio Leonardo filled in for vocals while playing bass. When Sansan later attempted to return to Killing Me Inside, the band members decided not to let him back in, preferring to move on without him.

After the Indonesian tour, the band decided to look for a temporary fill in bass player so that Onadio Leonardo could concentrate on vocals. Agung Anak Gde, bassist of Synystra, was added to the group to fill in the bass and backup vocals. This was their lineup for Java Rockin’ Land 2009.
In early 2010, Killing Me Inside released a new video for the song "Tanpa Dirimu" as the new single. The video, (directed by Rizal Mantovani), is the first to not include Sansan.

On June 3, the band announced via Facebook that they were officially finished with the recording of their new album and that it was to be released in the fall. They announced that the album would be self-titled. In early August, Killing Me Inside released a music video on their Facebook blog titled "Biarlah". The album was released August 30, 2010.

Now the band on their Indonesian tour as promo new album, also introducing new additional bassist, Angga Tetsuya.

Band members :

Current :
Onadio Leonardo : Vocals (sometimes play Bass) [2006-Present]
Josaphat Klemens : Guitars [2006-Present]
Davi Frisya : Drums [2008-Present]

Former :
Sansan : Vocals [2006-2008] (now on Pee Wee Gaskins)
Raka Cyril : Guitars [2006-2007] (now on Vierra)
Rendy : Drums [2006-2008]

Touring :
Agung Anak Gde : Bass/Scream [2008-2010] (now on Synystra & Leica)
Rudye Nugraha : Bass/Scream [2010] (now on Thirteen)
Angga Tetsuya : Bass/Scream [2010-Present] (also in Sunset Groove)

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