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Homogenic (stylized as HMGNC) is a trio consisting of Dina Dellyana, Grahadea Kusuf, and Amandia Syachridar, who distill their many musical passions down to a few simple concepts, expressed as scientifically-constructed pop music which they refer to as electronic sci-pop.

Signing with FFWD Records in 2004, through debut album Epic Symphony they formulized a mixture of trip-hop and downbeat electronica with angelic vocals in the midst of Indonesia's rising electronic dance music scene and rave acts. In 2006, Homogenic continued their musical exploration on Echoes of The Universe, in which the dark ambience of their previous work became lighter, marking the beginning of an electronic pop influence in their music.

Along their musical journey, "Kekal", "Mindless", "Unfolding Sympathy" and other songs from Homogenic’s two albums were featured on the original soundtrack of the indie movie Cin(T)a by Sammaria Simanjuntak. In 2010, Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom released by FFWD Records, which was a transitional process for Homogenic, in which their eclecticism came to life in a hail of lush melodies, playful instruments and stuttering beats.

In 2012, Homogenic once again collaborated with Sammaria Simanjuntak on the film Demi Ucok, for which they contributed its music score, along with original songs and reimaginings of older material that would be released by UNKL347 as the album Let's Talk. “Get Up and Go”, the upbeat, disco-ish first single on this album was also featured along with new music from other prominent Indonesian indie acts on Organic Records’ compilation Radio Killed the TV Star. Second single “Takkan Berhenti Disini”, a liquid drum ‘n bass-inspired slow jam, gained rave responses from Indonesian junglist and drum ‘n bass scenes.

"Today and Forever", HMGNC's new single, will be released exclusively via their Soundcloud page as a free download on April 1st, 2015, in collaboration with Papermoon Records.

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