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About Hollywood Nobody

"Hollywood nobody" is taken from a term in US, about people (artists) who want to join the biggest entertainment industry (Hollywood) but still remain as nobody. This term represents our desire to be musicians, and to be ‘somebody’ in a world music industry, someday.

Hollywood Nobody was formed on 29th September 2005 in Bandung, Indonesia. It begins from Dian’s willing to perform in her friend’s small gig. We were performing Feist’s and Kings of Convenience’s songs in a smooth bossanova way. Just FYI, it was terrible. But after the gig, we went to have dinner and started to combine our ideas to make a serious concept about Hollywood Nobody’s music. We decided to concentrate in bossanova genre with the sense of each personality as a person, and the harmony as a band. To be honest, as different personalities, seven of us were listening to different kinds of music. But the differences became our special characteristic as a unique harmony and creates Hollywood Nobody’s bossanova, starting with these singles.

Hollywood Nobody has become a conceptual band, a band focused on bossanova, and a mix of other genre such as pop and pull up a dark theme. Hollywood Nobody’s lyrics tell about the reality of life from young adult’s view. Common issues such friendship, romance, and how to face the complex days of living, we keep thinking that life is not always magnificent and colorful. Sometimes, life could be darker than we’ve ever imagined. This dark side is what we poured into Hollywood Nobody’s lyrics. But we also realize that there are other colors represent to lighten the dark side, and as a young adult we should still enjoy our dark and light lives. Hollywood Nobody’s music represents it. So far, we have composed 12 songs and perform on-stage and off-stage (radio performance). We also cover other bands' songs (of different genres) in a Hollywood Nobody way. Conceptually, we play what we like, and we will never make music contradictory with our desire and our idealism. We will never tread on what's in and hot in the industry at the moment. We are not rebellious, nor we are poseur. Hollywood Nobody is our heart, our soul, and our mind.

In the future, Hollywood Nobody wants to spread the spirit globally, compete with other musicians and bands from other side of the world, and show the world that Indonesia has great musicians with great quality and original ideas. And, with this profile, we are inviting the readers, together with us to complete our desire, and bring Indonesian music industry to the next level—global industry. It’s a pleasure working with you!

Hollywood Nobody

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