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Manila, Philippines (2004 - 2010)

Hale is an alternative rock quartet that originally formed from the southern part of Metro Manila. The band consists of Champ Lui Pio (vocals, rhythm guitar), Roll Martinez (vocals, lead guitar), Sheldon Gellada (bass guitar), and Paulo Santiago (drums and percussion), Join The Club's former drummer who replaced Omnie Saroca in 2008.

This four-piece rock alternative outfit collected themselves at the core of one goal to reach out the listening crowd and make them understand the value of the band’s musical sincerity. From the start, all they really wanted was to musically express themselves and be heard. But they didn't count on the massive chart-topping power of their sounds that spawned a new pop rock genre they've coined 'melodrama'.

Hale (2005-2006)
It was their self-titled debut album in 2005 that propelled them to the local mainstream and gained them their already growing popularity. Singles like Broken Sonnet, The Day You Said Goodnight, Kahit Pa and Kung Wala Ka monopolized music charts across the nation with one impressive hit after another. In that same year the album reached Triple Platinum Certification, sealing their name as one of the country's most acclaimed bands.

Twilight (2006-2008)
In October 2006, the band released their much-awaited sophomore album Twilight that jolted the OPM scene with experimental lyrics and sounds that featured a wider spectrum of musical arrangements: rough riffs and darker, more intricate lyrics. It was a move that most music artists wouldn't dared to do in such an early stage. But Twilight had successfully topped the charts once again with 15,000 units sold only a week after its release.

With already two successful albums under their belts, Hale suddenly decides to take a break and announces a 'hiatus'' from the exhaustion and the pressure to record the second album.

Above, Over and Beyond (2008-2009)
After their hibernation, Hale returns with a new album and a newfound passion. It took ten months to complete their third effort Above, Over and Beyond, but was eventually released on April 2008 which contained fresh singles like Pitong Araw, Sandali Na Lang, Over and Over (And Over Again) and Leap of Faith. Unlike before, it features a new sound that showcases the band's further artistic abilities without repeating what they've done before.

Kundiman (2009-present)
The band is set to promote their fourth album, Kundiman, in July 2009. As of now, the first single they've released from their effort is Bahay Kubo.

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