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There are at least five bands called G-Spot:

1) An American synth punk band circa 1984. The band featured Joe Christ formerly of Los Reactors and sounds a lot like Los Reactors if they used a synth instead of a combo organ and didn't have drums or bass. He went on the direct some cult films.

2) G-Spot was a alternative rock band from Rīga, Latvia formed in year 2002. They split up in year 2005 - currently some part of members plays in such Latvian bands as Sigma, Cilvēks Ar Putniņu, S.I.L.S. and other.


3) G-Spot is an 80's hardcore punk band from Japan.

4) G-Spot was born in 1993 in Spring Valley, CA. (FYI, this was before those hip-hop dudes and that crazy rocker chick.) G-Spot plays a mix of ska, punk, and emo. Yeah, emo. They've been on the radio and played with everyone they've ever wanted to, from Sublime to Real Big Fish to the Suicide Machines. Now, they're older but they still sing songs about poop and yer mom.

Everyone basically thinks the guys in G-Spot are assholes. For the most part, they are. But God, they love Mexicans.

5) G-Spot is a Dutch-based Blues-rock band, founded around 1996 in Brunssum, The Netherlands. Its band members are: Mark Vergoossen (guitar), Patrick Quaedvlieg (vocals), Erwin Gielen (drums) and currently (new) bassplayer Nick McGrath.

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