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1. Fur, born Bryce Isbell in Texas, extracts minutiae with precision. His compositions, while airily sparse, are saturated with details plucked from broad landscapes, whether they resemble the Texan prairie or the expanses of industrial Germany. Isbell’s composite micro-samples are infinitesimal, soaked in breathless allusion and divorced from their context. The crisp, insistently percussive arrangements oscillate like metal shavings manipulated by an unseen magnet. Fur has untraditionally tapped into a European techno mind-meld, a Berlin thought-stream. After his early work with his "Witches" LP, Isbell dove deep into the minimal sounds that transported listeners closer to inner city Detroit than the mid-west. UNO NYC's first two Fur releases ‘Cocoon’ & 'Yonder' follow several years of Isbell silence. After a notable debut with Lefse, Fur submerged below a sea of techno and came up with a deep analog style dreamy enough to call his own.

2. Fur were a guitar/fuzz/grunge band formed in Australia in 1993. Fur self-released a single in 1993, followed by an EP on Fellaheen, "Find What You Like And Let It Kill You" in 1994. This was followed by another EP in 1995, "Losin' Your Marbles", and a further EP in 1996, "Neon Pressure". Fur released their debut album, "The Betty Shakes", in 1997.

3. FUR are shoegaze/post-punk band from Detroit , US

4. FUR are a 60's inspired indie rock band from Brighton, UK https://www.facebook.com/furbabyfur/?fref=ts

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