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Filippa Giordano was born February 14, 1974 in Palermo, Italy.
Filippa started her musical studies at the age of 5.
At the age of 9 she studied Ballet at the National Academy of Rome, where she moved with her family. She started her singing studies with her mother as teacher.
In September 1998 she released her first album Passioni, with the Italian producers Celso Valli and Marco Sabiu.
In February of 1999 she won the 2nd price at the Sanremo Festival, which would be the impulse to perform in other important events that year. In August of that year, she prepared the international version of the album Passioni under the name of Filippa Giordano.
She reached the top in classical charts, achieving the Gold status in Japan, and also being the honored guest In Australia at the British Classical Awards at Royal Albert Hall, London.
In October of 2000 she won the annual edition of the Echo Awards in Germany in the category "Music without borders".
In 2002 she recorded her 2nd album, Il Rosso Amore. This production mixes melodies and arias from past and original songs from composers like Ennio Morricone, D Foster, Sartori, etc.
During her career she performed with prestigious orchestras such as The Super World Orchestra and the BBC Orchestra.

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