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1. A punk rock band formed in 1981 in Washington D.C.
The band was made up of Alec MacKaye (vocals), Michael Hampton (guitar), Eddie Janey (guitar), Chris Bald (bass), and Ivor Hanson (drums). The band was a prominent member of Dischord Records until their demise (also called The Faith).

2. A traditional Swedish doom metal band formed in 1984.
Faith members:
Roger Johansson - Guitars
Christer Nilsson - Bass/Vocals
Peter Svensson - Drums

"Arguably one of the first Swedish doom metal bands, Faith mix elements of traditional doom, epic and progressive metal in their original brand of progressive doom. Quite underrated and shamefully ignored band. The band's history goes back to 1984, although 'Salvation Lies Within', their first full-length which contains re-recorded versions of older tracks, has been released almost 20 years later!"

3. A Japanese punk rock band

4. Rock / Dub / Soul
Members :
felice rosser - bass/vocals
naotaka hakamada - guitar
scott hartley - drums/percussion

5. A Japanese duo featuring a rapper and singer who combine r&b/hip hop with classical music.

6. An American Pre-Post Rock band that recorded a record titled 'Faith' on brown bag records in 1973.

7. A 4-piece indie pop band from Birmingham, UK.
It consists of vocalist and lead guitarist Jason Payne, rhythm guitarist Alex Wise, bassist Liam Grant, and drummer Matty Neale.

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