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There are a bunch of artists called Eye:

1. EYE is a project from Laurène Exposito from Rennes (France), where she runs the intimate label Waving Hands. EYE’s debut album ‘Sabine’ takes us into Laurène’s silk-covered dreamworld, at once mad and serene, sounding like a breeze and a blast at the same time.

2. EYE, a psychedelic rock band from Colombus, OH.
They released their first album Center of the Sun on october 22nd, 2011.
After signing to Kemado Records, EYE re-released their first opus on april 3rd, 2012. Vinyl came with new artwork.

Band members are:
Matt Auxier (guitar, vocals) / Matt Bailey (bass)
Brandon Smith (drums, vocals) / Adam Smith (guitar)


3. An experimental drone doom project from Portugal — now Ideological Eye, lead by Filipe Dumas (Ideologic, Snuff Tape). Current members include marianaf (gehrl) and Tomás Freitas (Snuff Tape). The band has recorded an EP, Karnak, and a live concert, Inpu Jebel Live, which took place in Lisbon, on June the 3rd 2011.

4. EYE, a politico electronic post-industrial hip-hop group from Canberra, Australia, started in 1991 and somewhat active today.
They've received international radio airplay and very extensively around Australia in the late 90s and early 00s, videos broadcast on several national TV stations with releases on over 50 compilations worldwide and several albums released via http://www.BlatantPropaganda.org records including "Politics can be fun Vol. 1" and "Propaganda Machine".
Biggest radio songs include "I wanna be a CIA Robot Assassin", "Taliban: Made by the USA", "Mandate!", "Are You a Terrorist?", "Workers United", "Detention Without Trial (song for the Refugees)" and "A Nice Walk in the Park".
http://www.mp3.com.au/eye (Free MP3s are available)

5. Japanese grindcore band that featured on the compilation album Grind Osaka.

6. An Eye hail from Dundee, Scotland. They play heavy, melodic instrumental music in the vein of Pelican and Isis, but with their own twist. A post-rock influence definitely lurks in their music - beautifully crafted buildups sometimes culminating in explosive climaxes, other times leaving the listener screaming for one. They are not to be missed live.

They recently signed to Sound Devastation Records www.sounddevastation.co.uk and should release their first record in early 2007.

Band members:
James Scanlan - Guitar
Stuart Doig - Guitar
Craig Arnott - Bass
Craig Reid - Drums


7. Eye is one of many monikers used by Yamataka Eye, member of Boredoms (amongst many, many bands) from Osaka, Japan.

8. A noise project from Cracow, Poland. It released two album in Far From Showbiz netlabel: "Human's Brain", ffs10 and "Effects", ffs22; it also participated in "Far from music" compilation, ffs36, with a track entitled "Closeness".

9. Eye are a Dunedin, New Zealand rock/electronic group who use a combination of guitars, drums, sampled sounds and shortwave radio to explore the extremities of both quiet and loud noise They formed in late 2003 as a trio of Peter Porteous (Empirical, Lapdog, Electricity), Nathan Thompson (Sandoz Lab Technicians, Sleep, Renderizors) and Peter Stapleton (Rain, Flies Inside the Sun, Sleep, A Handful of Dust, Terminals). Turntablist Ryan Cockburn, who also performs solo as Spit, was also a regular member throughout 2004 and 2005 and although now living in Melbourne still makes occasional live appearances with the group. Eye have released a split 10″ LP (with 3 Forks) (Jawbone and Arabesque are on this record) and a CDR ‘Black Ice’ on the Dunedin label Unitedfairymoons and a second CDR ‘Meridian’ plus a 7″ single ‘Interlock’/ ‘Memory Slip’ on the Auckland CMR label. Thurston Moore/Byron Coley's Bull Tongue top things of 2005 put the Black Ice album at Number 3 on their list. An Eye track "Skeleton Key" has been chosen and included on the "Dirt beneath the Daydream" CD which was included with the February issue of Wire magazine.


10. A pop band from Portugal.

11. EYE – an Iranian Progressive/Experimental/Post-Rock band, formed in 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Although its influences range from bands such as Tool and King Crimson, to Nine Inch Nails and Porcupine Tree, this versatile group of musicians has worked hard to develop a sound that often strives to elude categorization and gives the music a distinctive place in the local scene. Eye includes Mehdi Gr on lead guitar, Gorgin Asadi on the keys, Kaveh Kashani plays the bass, Josh Saldanha occupies the spot behind the drum kit, while visuals are dexterously put together by Sami Al-Turki. Bojan Preradovic handles vocals and occasional rhythm guitar duties.

Eye’s music is very much of a western progressive rock variety, even as the very soul of its intricacies is rooted in a restless and volatile Middle East.The visual elements are highly conceptual and are based on the band’s own reactions to the world – material and abstract. Both the song lyrics and live visuals, which are featured in every live performance, are intended to demonstrate the gap between an individual and his or her comfort zone in society. The performances themselves comprise a form of conceptual art, and the visuals are instrumental in the creation of an experience that each member of the audience is invited to relate to in their own unique way.
Eye was lauded by Timeout Dubai as the best band of their kind in the entire region.
With the exception of Bojan and Josh, all the members hail from Iran.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyeband

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