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1) Eliza Doolittle - Eliza Sophie Caird (born 15 April 1988), better known by her stage name Eliza Doolittle, is an English singer songwriter from London. She signed to the Parlophone record label in October 2008. Her debut, self-titled album, Eliza Doolittle was released on 12 July 2010. On debut it was number 3 in the UK charts. Since the album's release, Doolittle has had another two of her records hit the top 25 charts, including her single Skinny Genes. Doolittle's second single, Pack Up, has debuted in the Top 20 for the Single Top 100 and Irish Singles Charts, and in the Top 5 in the UK Singles Chart.

2) Japanese heavy metal band from Hokkaido. They formed in 1983 and released two full-length studio albums, plus several vinyl singles, one vhs video and a compilation album.

3) Chilean Visual Kei band.

4) Eliza Lord is a young, talented individual performing locally around Massachusetts has yet to hit it big, though all she needs is time for a record company to catch on to her and rise her to stardom. She typically performs songs by The Spill Canvas, but also writes some of her own music. Given that she has many years ahead of her to aspire, her musical prowess makes her situation look hopeful.

5) Eliza Newman first came to prominence when she formed the all-girl punk band that became Bellatrix, released four albums on the Icelandic label Smekkleysa (Bad Taste). In 2007 she released a solo debut 'Empire Fall' on Lavaland Records.

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