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There are several bands called Egoist:

1) Egoist (stylized as EGOIST) is a Japanese pop music duo consisting of songwriter Ryo from supercell and vocalist Chelly. Originally formed to produce theme music for the 2011 anime television series Guilty Crown, the group continued to produce music after the end of the series. Egoist's debut album Extra terrestrial Biological Entities was released in September 2012. All official artwork used on this page which depict EGOIST is drawn and owned by redjuice. A link to his work can be found here: pixiv and twitter .

2) Egoist is a progressive one man project from Poland (is the side project of the member NewBreed). They have released two full-length albums - Dead Egg in 2007 and Ultra-Selfish Revolution in 2009.

3) Egoist is a Turkish band, formed in 1996 by the female vocalist Meltem Taskiran and his musician brother Eser Taskiran. They both had classical music education and Egoist are a group based on the mixture of rock, funk, blues, ethnic, popular and symphonic music.

4) Melodic techno, alias of Stefan Ingwertsen

5) Polish electro-industrial project

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