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There are at least 15 artists which have used this name:
1. A rapper from Slovakia, member of group Kontrafakt, have out Žijeme len raz mixtape.
2. An alternative rock band from Serbia
3. A rapper from Norway
4. A musician from Romania
5. An alternative rock band from Poland
6. A melodic punk band from Venezuela
7. A rock band from Germany
8. A melodic crust band from Spain
9. An indie pop band from France
10. A hip hop group from Poland
11. An electro-indie band from England
12. A punk band from Iceland
13. A post hardcore band from Northern Ireland
14. A musical project from the Netherlands
15. A dream-pop band from Australia

1. Ego is rapper from Pieštany, Slovakia.
Member of group Kontrafakt, on scene since early 00s.
His music video Žijeme len raz was a big hit in summer 2012, popular in european clubs, and radio stations, maded record with more than 20 milion youtube views, as first artist from former Czecho-Slovakia.
Now have out Žijeme len raz mixtape

2. EGO is an alternative band from Niš, Serbia. First full line up gathered on 25th February, 2009. Lyrics and the music is the reflection of emotions, problems, ups and downs, as well as all those inner battles between Id and Super-ego. Music is our way of communicating with people and sharing our ideas of the journey that leads to that perfect balance that Ego represents.
The most memorable performances to this day are: EXIT festival 2011 in Novi Sad, Mixer Festival 2012 in Belgrade, Nisomnia 2010 in Niš, Jelen DemoFest 2012 in Banjaluka, World Day of Music 2012 in Niš and Gitarijada 2012 in Zaječar. We played with our ally bands Nahty and Kiša Kerozina on two occasions in Feedback club in Niš.

3. Rapper from Søgne/Grimstad, Norway.

4. Artist from Romania

5. Band from Gdańsk, Poland. Alternative, rock, Grzegorz Nawrocki, pre - Kobiety

6. Band From Caracas, Venezuela. PunkRock Melodic.

7. Band from Germany. Rock. OneHitWonder "In meiner Welt bin ich ein Star"

8. Band from Madrid, Spain. Melodic Crust

9. Indiepop band from Montpellier, France
They released a record in Matinée recordings "La main devant la bouche" (2001). Guitar melodic pop with lush orchestrations.

10. Hip-Hop squad from Czestochowa, Poland. They released two albums: "Nibylandia" and "Nie ma takiego drugiego". It seems to be most popular band in EGO charts.

11. Unsigned indie with electro elements from London, now split up

12. Early 80s punk, wave band from Reykjavik, Iceland

13. Unsigned Post-Hardcore/Rock Band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, now split up.

14. Project from The Netherlands. Also referred to as EgoMusic. They released 2 albums of which the first was released under the name 'Van Helsdingen Project '(We Welcome You - 2002) and the second (Still at your side - 2010) as Ego.
Both distributed by Chique Records.

15. Sydney, Australia-based dream-pop band. As of December 2015 they have 3 recorded singles - "Better", "Moon", and "Crowd".

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