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Efek Rumah Kaca is an Indonesian indie rock band, formed in 2001. They have released two albums, Efek Rumah Kaca (2007) and Kamar Gelap (2008). The members are Cholil on vocal and guitar, Adrian on bass and Akbar on drums. They are based in Jakarta

The band formed in 2001 with five members, but in 2003 became a trio. The band's name at first was Hush, then Superego. They finally chose the name Efek Rumah Kaca after the release of their first album in 2007.

They have said that music is their lives; what has happened in their lives is reflected in their music. They also have been described as a pop band with social and political messages in their lyrics. Their music is influenced by variety of music genres, including swing, jazz, rock, and a cappella.

In 2007, they released Efek Rumah Kaca and the album sold more than 5,000 copies. Two singles of this album are "Di Udara" (English: On Air) which tells the death of Munir Said Thalib and "Cinta Melulu" (English: Always Love) as a criticism of the increasing prevalence of insipid love songs in Indonesia.

In 2008, they released their second album Kamar Gelap (English: Dark Room). Among the tracks from this album are "Jangan Bakar Buku" (English: Don't Burn Books), "Kenakalan Remaja di Era Informatika" (English: Teenage Mischief in the Information Era) and "Mosi Tidak Percaya" (English: Motion of Distrust).

They will release their third album in September 2011; they have said that it will not be a "friendly" album.

In May 2010, they founded a label, Jangan Marah Records (English: Don't Be Angry Records), hoping to accommodate creative bands that are not accepted by major labels.

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