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EAV is an Austrian band formed in 1977 by Thomas Spitzer, Eik Breit, Nino Holm and Anders Stenmo. EAV stands for "(die) Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung", which means "First General Bewilderment/Unsettling/Uninsurance".
"Verunsicherung" is German for "bewilderment/the process of getting upset/unsettled", a pun that plays on the fact that the opposite of it ,"Versicherung", commonly means "insurance", and less commonly "assurance/ensurance/affirmation". In fact, the band's name is an allusion to the now defunct Austrian insurance company "Erste Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG“.

The band's humorous lyrics often contain hints of social criticism. Their songs afrika (1983), burli (1987) and s'muaterl (1990) were boycotted by radio stations in Austria and Germany because of the lyrical content.

The band's current lineup consists of Klaus Eberhartinger (vocals), Thomas Spitzer (guitar, background vocals), Kurt Keinrath (guitar, bass guitar), Leo Bei (bass guitar), Franz Kreimer (keyboard) and Robert Baumgartner (drums).


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