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1. At only 23 years old, Blair has been a staple of the New Orleans’ music scene for the last seven years. She began performing at local coffee houses and open mic nights when she was only 16. By 18, Blair found herself performing at some of her hometown’s most venerable rock clubs such as the Howlin Wolf and House of Blues. Opting to wait until after college to make music her full-time occupation, Blair would sneak away between classes as a philosophy major at Loyola University New Orleans to the university's music building to hone her skills at writing and performing. Blair released a full length CD in 2004 and was able to open up for some of the country’s most popular indie bands stopping through New Orleans, such as Cat Power, Calexico, and Bright Eyes. She was also able to collaborate with local favorites and Warner Brothers’ recording artists World Leader Pretend. With summer of 2007 approaching, Blair has established a dedicated local fan base, finished her philosophical studies, and has a four-song EP “in the can” set for summer release (produced by Keith Ferguson of World Leader Pretend). For the first time in Blair’s life, there is a freedom to go forward, without a net, and focus solely on her music with the upcoming release of Pluto.

Blair’s new EP, Pluto, is titled after the sudden and drastic changes she experienced in New Orleans after the hurricane. A marriage of alt-country and folk-tinged pop music - combined with a captivating falsetto voice - Pluto aims to create the same kind of intimacy between listener that she recalls from her first experiences listening to rock and pop radio. A personal expression during Blair’s transformation from youth to adulthood, Pluto is a personal snapshot of a place in time.

2. BLAIR is a National Poetry Slam Champion and a Callaloo Fellow. He's an award winning singer / songwriter who's been nominated for seven Detroit Music Awards. He's been named Real Detroit Weekly Readers Poll's Best Solo Artist and The Metro Times Best Urban Folk Poet.

BLAIR has toured the United States and Europe extensively and performed in South Africa both solo and as part of Walk & Squawk's The Walking Project of which he is a co-writer and cast member. He has performed on bills with Stevie Wonder, Oscar winner Michael Moore, Mike Doughty, Bitch and Animal, Justin Bond, members of Sweet Honey in the Rock, Richie Havens, The Butchies, Tribe 8, Wilco, Cat Power and others.

Urban folk, afro-punk, singer-songwriter, poetry slammer, gay activist, Blair is our kinda dude... the kind of ambitious versatility we like.

- Metromode

3. Barney Blair Perry began his professional career in his hometown Buffalo, New York, as a guitarist. In 1978, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in recognition of being one of the best R & B songwriters of the period.

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