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BIP is a band that was founded by three musicians who flee from Slank in 1996, namely Bongky Marcel Ismail a.k.a "Bongky" (bass), Chandra Indra Setiadi a.k.a "Indra Q" (keyboards), Parlin Burman a.k.a "Pay" (guitar).

Bongky, Indra, and Pay agreed to set up BIP four years after separation from Slank, precisely on 20 April 2000 at the Potlot Reunion held at GOR Saparua, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Earlier, the personnel had been ever formed Sablenk (Saya Bekas Anak Slank).

Early BIP vocalist is Irang Perdana Arkad a.k.a "Irang" and Jaka Hidayat a.k.a Jaka as Drummers.
They also released the album Turun Dari Langit (2001) with the song "Skak Mat", "Aku Gemuk Lagi" and "Turun Dari Langit" and Min Plus (2002) under PT EMI Music Indonesia label.

But in early March 2003, Irang decided to resign from the BIP. April 2003, coinciding with the release of the album The Best of BIP (2003) that summarizes the 14 songs.
And as a mark of separation, Irang vocals still using on new songs in the album, namely "Ternyata Harus Memilih" and "Bosan".
Instead, they took Ipang Lazuardi a.k.a Ipang, former vocalist of Plastik, to fill some vocals on the album.

Then with the format Bongky (bass), Indra (keyboards), Pay (guitar), Jaka (drums), and Ipang (vocals), they released the album Udara Segar (2004) under Forte Record label, with songs "Korslet" and "Koncianmu".

In the year 2010, the BIP released a new album titled Berangkat under Fame Mobs (Fame Music) label with the new formation.
Bongky (bass, vocals), Indra (keyboards), Ipang (vocals), Pay (guitars), Dede Kumala a.k.a Dede (additional drums).
With the hits song "Pelangi Dan Matahari" and "Mane Mane Boleh".

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