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1) Absurd is a black metal / nsbm band from Germany. It was founded in Sondershausen by Hendrik Möbus and Sebastian Schauseil the 2'nd of January 1992, with the third member Andreas Kirchner joining them later on. Ronald 'Wolf' Möbus, Sebastian 'DMD' Schauseil, and Hendrik 'JFN' Möbus decided to respond to the New Wave of Black Metal with a band of their own. The choice of the band's name is apocryphal and is open to multiple interpretations. It is thought correct to assume an interrelation between the band name and one of the pastimes of the band members at this time; watching poorly produced, though hilarious horror B-movies.

The trio who were as young as 16 and not older than 19 years old, managed to record a promo, "God's Death", in June 1992. Absurd frequented a rehearsal place in the communal youth centre, and soon Sebastian 'DMD' managed to stock the local YMCA with juvenile outbursts of 'Satanism' and 'Honor fantasies'. When Punk Rock bands, who also rehearsed in the youth centre, incited a conflict with Absurd to use communal property and equipment to further their NS and xenophobic views, the band retreated into a cabin located in dense forest outside their hometown. Meanwhile, Wolf assumed the role of manager and a new member to the band. In late 1992, Absurd recorded the 'Death From the Forest' demo, and the band was subsequently reduced to a duo consisting of Sebastian 'DMD' and Hendrik 'JFN'. The two recorded "God's Deathful Sadness" split demo in March 1993. Barely a month after, an adolescent strife between Sebastian 'DMD' and a fifteen-year old ended with the death of the youth. Sebastian 'DMD' and Hendrik 'JFN' were sent to youth detention center to serve a maximum of eight years respectively.

It was later suggested that this killing was inspired by the murders committed by Bård G. Eithun and Varg Vikerness in Norway. This is not true because neither Sebastian 'DMD' or Hendrik 'JFN' were aware of Bård G. Eithun's killing of a homosexual in Summer 1992 when they were involved in their own transgression on April 29th 1993. In fact, this crime was solved in the wake of Vikernes' arrest in August 1993 and only a handful of people in Scandinavia knew who had committed the crime. Before the police had arrested Bård G. Eithun in August 1993, Varg Vikerness had slain Øystein Arseth on August 10, 1993, which was about three months after Sebastian 'DMD' and Hendrik 'JFN' were brought into custody. Later on a picture of the slain boy's grave would be used as the cover of an Absurd demo.

The duo was not idle while behind bars. They recruited the third accomplice of their offence, Andreas K. to Absurd, and recorded the rehearsal "Out of the Dungeon" in April 1994. The band subsequently decided to prepare material for a full-length album. The youth detention centre kindly provided them with the instruments, equipment, and the facility for rehearsing and recording. During late 1994 and early 1995, Absurd begun the production of their first album entitled "Facta Lunquuntur". Unfortunately the band was forced to abort the recordings due to conditions suddenly worsening and resulted in the band splitting up for about three years. The recordings at hand were used for the "Thuringian Pagan Madness" EP in 1995, the "Facta Lunquuntur" CD/LP in 1996 and the "Totenburg" Split-EP with Heldentum in 1997.

During their detention Absurd matured ideologically as well as lyrically. While their earlier works largely reflected the impulse they received from music, movies, and the daily life of pubescent youngsters, the band eventually utilized their music and lyrics for the purpose of being themselves and influencing others. As young adult men, Sebastian 'DMD' and Hendrik 'JFN' developed a world view based on their Germanic ancestry, the Heathen values, and virtues of their elders and the National Socialist Third Reich.

The band members were released on parole in 1998 since they had been under eighteen when the crime was committed. Shortly after being released, Möbus violated the terms of his parole when he did the nazi salute at a concert he was attending. His parole was consequently revoked. He managed to flee to the USA and met with Dr. William Pierce, but was captured there. He was arrested by US marshals while carrying groceries back to his compound, shattering his elbow during the arrest. In 2001, after he had been denied asylum, he was sent back to prison to serve the remaining three years for murder, the mocking of his victim and for the nazi salute. He was sentenced to a further twenty-six months. On 15 May 2003 he was again sentenced to four years in prison.

Hendrik Möbus is presently still incarcerated and has concluded his participation in Absurd. Sebastian Schauseil is still involved with the underground metal-scene. He performed between 1999 and 2004 with the folk-influenced nationalistic band Halgadom, the black metal project Wolfsmond (also featuring bassplayer Unhold, who currently plays drums in Absurd), and the Neofolk band In Acht und Bann. He has currently distanced himself from National Socialism and politics in general, as evident in the current direction of Wolfsmond.

The band has gone have gone through many changes and lost all of the original members, with Wolf (Hendrik's brother) currently as the frontman and Sebastian Schausell performing the occasional vocal part on the newer releases such as Asgardsrei (1999), Werwolfthron (2001), Totenlieder (2003) and Blutgericht (2005).

2) Absurd
was Polish punk group, founded in 1986 by Darek Dusza ex. Śmierć kliniczna. They are known mainly from shows - in Jarocin, Świnoujście.. They released only one single - Zżera mnie dżuma - SP (Tonpress 1986). They ended their existence in 1989.

Band members:

"Lumpaj" - vocal
Dariusz Dusza - guitar
Lucjan "Lucek" Gryszka - bas
"Marlena" - drums

3) Absurd was an 80s hardcore band from Sweden that only released one EP.

4)Absurd was an early swedish death metal band that released one 7'' titled "Drained of Body Chemicals" in 1991 and also made one demo later that year titled "Storm of Malevolence" befor splitting up.

5)Absurd is a melodic death metal band from Russia, comparable to Gates of Ishtar. website:

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