Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
30051 Klaudia Yap

Kisah Mantanmu

30052 Klarinet


30053 Atmosphere

Don't Ever F***ing Question That

30054 KLA Project


30055 Atom And His Package

Waiting Room

30056 Atomic Bitchwax

Get Your Gear

30057 Atmosphere

Don't Forget

30058 Atomic Bitchwax

Gettin' Old

30059 KLA Project

Dunia Baru (senandung Pelipur)

30060 Atom And His Package

What We Do On Christmas

30061 Atomic Bitchwax

Hey Alright

30062 KM 5 Band

Mati Rasa

30063 Atom And His Package

You Took Me By Surprise

30064 Atmosphere


30065 Atomic Bitchwax

Hope You Die

30066 KLA Project


30067 Atmosphere

F*** You Lucy

30068 Atomic Bitchwax

Kiss The Sun

30069 Atmosphere

F*@k You Lucy

30070 Atomic Eyes

Atomic Eyes

30071 Atomic Bitchwax

Last Of The V8 Intercepters

30072 Atomic Bitchwax

Marching On The Skulls Of The Dead

30073 KLA Project

Feel Something

30074 Atomic Bitchwax

Play The Game

30075 Atomic Eyes


30076 Atmosphere


30077 Atomic Bitchwax

Shit Kicker

30078 KLA Project


30079 Atmosphere

Free Or Dead

30080 Atomic Eyes

No One Home

30081 Atomic Bitchwax

Smoke Screen

30082 KLA Project

Gonna Be Your Lover Tonight

30083 Atmosphere

Full Moon

30084 Atomic Bitchwax


30085 Kobe

Cinta Ga Punya Mata

30086 KLA Project

Hasrat Bathinku

30087 KLA Project


30088 Kobe

Dunia Milik Berdua

30089 Atmosphere

Get Fly

30090 Atomic Rooster

And So To Bed

30091 Atmosphere

Give Me

30092 KLA Project

Hidup Seputarku

30093 Atomic Rooster


30094 Atomic Kitten

Always Be My Baby

30095 Atmosphere

God Loves Ugly

30096 Kobe

Pesta Rakyat

30097 Kobe

Positive Thingking

30098 Kobe

Positive Thinking

30099 Atomic Rooster

Black Snake

30100 Atmosphere

God Loves Ugly Reprise

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