Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
225951 Sarah Brightman

I Remember

225952 Saxon

Going Nowhere Fast

225953 Savage Garden

Shoot The Breeze

225954 Saves the Day

I'm Sorry For Leaving

225955 Savatage

If I Go Away

225956 Saxon

I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)

225957 Sarah McLachlan


225958 Sawyer Brown

Every Twist And Turn

225959 Sara Evans

The Great Unknown

225960 Saves the Day

I'm Sorry I'm Leaving

225961 Sarah Brightman

If I Ever Fall In Love Again

225962 Savatage

In The Dream

225963 Saxon

If I Was You (album version)

225964 Sawyer Brown

Half A Heart

225965 Savatage

Jesus Saves

225966 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen (Album Mix)

225967 Sawyer Brown

Hard Hard World

225968 Saves the Day

In My Waking Life

225969 Saxon

Just Let Me Rock

225970 Savage Garden

Tears Of Pearls

225971 Sarah Connor

Let’s Go Back To Bed-boy (ft. Tq)

225972 Savatage

Lady In Disguise

225973 Sarah Brightman

If Love Were All

225974 Saves the Day

In Reverie

225975 Sawyer Brown

I Don't Believe In Goodbye

225976 Sara Evans

The Knot Comes Untied

225977 Saxon

Killing Ground

225978 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Mix/ GM Edit)

225979 Savatage


225980 Saves the Day

Jesse And My Whetstone

225981 Saxon

Let Me Feel Your Power

225982 Saves the Day

Jessie & My Whetstone

225983 Sarah Brightman

Il Mio Cuore Va

225984 Sawyer Brown

I Got A Plan

225985 Savage Garden

The Animal Song

225986 Savatage

Lights Out

225987 Saves the Day


225988 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen (Live) (Bonus Track)

225989 Saxon

Machine Gun

225990 Saves the Day

Jukebox Breakdown

225991 Sarah Brightman

Il Mio Cuore Va (English - My Heart Will Go On)

225992 Sawyer Brown

I Need A Girlfriend

225993 Savatage

Living For The Night

225994 Savage Garden

The Best Thing

225995 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen (Video)

225996 Saves the Day

Kentucky Parallel Parking

225997 Sara Evans

The Secrets That We Keep

225998 Saxon

Motorcycle Man

225999 Sarah Brightman

In pace

226000 Savatage

Man In The Mirror

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