Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
221001 Roy Orbison

A New Star

221002 Roxette

Happy On The Outside

221003 Royce Da 5'9''


221004 Royal Crown Revue

Everyone Knows You're Crazy

221005 Roy Orbison

A True Love Goodbye

221006 Rolling Stones

Good Time Women

221007 Royce Miller

Don't Worry, I'm Your Pappy

221008 Rod Stewart

Maggie Mae

221009 Roxy Music


221010 Roxette

Harleys & Indians (riders In The Sky)

221011 Royce Da 5'9''


221012 Roy Orbison

Afraid To Sleep

221013 Roxx Gang

Somethin' Evil

221014 Royal Crown Revue

Friday The 13th

221015 Rolling Stones

Good Times

221016 Royden


221017 Roy Orbison

After All

221018 Rod Stewart

Maggie May

221019 Royden

Dolittle Raids

221020 Roxette

Heart Of Gold

221021 Roy Orbison

After The Love Has Gone

221022 Royal Crown Revue

Hey Pachuco!

221023 Roxx Gang


221024 Royden

Ghost House 1922

221025 Rolling Stones

Good Times, Bad Times

221026 Roxy Music

She Sells

221027 Royce Da 5'9''

Chips On Pistons

221028 Rod Stewart

Makin' Whoopee- featuring Elton John

221029 Roy Orbison

All By Myself

221030 Roxette

Here Comes The Weekend

221031 Rozalla

Are You Ready To Fly

221032 Royal Crown Revue

Honey Child

221033 Royden

Made In Lies

221034 Rozalla

Everybody's Free

221035 Rolling Stones

Gotta Get Away

221036 Roy Orbison

All I Have To Do Is Dream

221037 Roxx Gang

Star Trip

221038 Rod Stewart

Mama You Been On My Mind

221039 Royce Da 5'9''


221040 Royal Crown Revue

I Love The Life I Live

221041 Royden

Murder Of An Albatross

221042 Roxette


221043 Roxy Music

Spin Me Round

221044 Roy Orbison

All I Need Is Time

221045 Rolling Stones

Grown Up Wrong

221046 Royce Da 5'9''

Death Is Certain Pt. 2 (It Hurts)

221047 Roxette

How Do You Do!

221048 Roy Orbison


221049 Royal Crown Revue

Morning Light

221050 Roxx Gang

Stone Dead Drunk (again)

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