Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
220801 Rowwen Heze


220802 Roxy Music

Could It Happen To Me?

220803 Ronan Keating

The Best Of Me

220804 Rolling Stones

Drift Away

220805 Rowwen Heze

Hebbe Hebbe

220806 Roxx Gang

Hot 'lanta

220807 Rod Stewart

Just Like I Treat You - Rod Stewart

220808 Roxy Music

Cry, Cry, Cry

220809 Roxette

Crazy About You

220810 Rolling Stones

Each And Every Day Of The Year

220811 Roy Acuff

Jole Blon

220812 Ronan Keating

The Long Goodbye

220813 Rowwen Heze

Henk Is Eene Lollige Vent

220814 Roxx Gang

Hot For Love

220815 Roy Acuff

Low and Lonely

220816 Rowwen Heze

Henk Is Enne Lollige Vent

220817 Roxette

Crush On You

220818 Roy Acuff

Night Train to Memphis

220819 Rolling Stones

Emotional Rescue

220820 Ronan Keating

The Way You Make Me Feel

220821 Rowwen Heze

Ien Minuut

220822 Roxy Music

Dance Away

220823 Roxx Gang

I Walk Alone

220824 Roxette


220825 Roy Acuff

Pins and Needles

220826 Rod Stewart

Keep Your Hands Off Her

220827 Rolling Stones

Empty Heart

220828 Ronan Keating

These Days Feat Brian Kennedy

220829 Roy Acuff

Precious Jewel

220830 Rowwen Heze

Ik Wer Alt

220831 Roxy Music

End Of The Line

220832 Roxette

Cuanto Lo Siento (i'm Sorry)

220833 Roxx Gang

I Wish I Was With You

220834 Roy Acuff

Streamlined Cannonball

220835 Ronan Keating

This I Promise You

220836 Rolling Stones

Everybody Needs Someone To Love

220837 Rowwen Heze

Kasselse Kermis

220838 Rod Stewart

Keep Your Hands Off Her - Rod Stewart

220839 Roxy Music

If It Takes All Night

220840 Roxx Gang

I'm On Fire

220841 Roxette

Dance Away

220842 Roy Acuff

Wabash Cannonball

220843 Rowwen Heze

Koning Hay

220844 Ronan Keating

This Is Your Song

220845 Rolling Stones

Everything Is Turning To Gold

220846 Roxy Music

If There Is Something

220847 Roxette


220848 Rowwen Heze


220849 Roy Acuff

Wreck on The Highway

220850 Ronan Keating

Time After Time

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