Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
220951 Roy Woods


220952 Roxx Gang

Santa's Back In Town

220953 Rod Stewart

Long Ago and Far Away

220954 Rolling Stones

Get Off Of My Cloud

220955 Roy Rogers And Dale Evans

Happy Trails

220956 Roy Orbison

(All I Can Do Is) Dream You

220957 Roxette

From Head To Toe

220958 Roxy Music

Prairie Rose

220959 Rolling Stones

Gimme Shelter

220960 Roxette

From One Heart To Another

220961 Roy Orbison

(I'd Be) A Legend in My Time

220962 Roxx Gang

Scratch My Back

220963 Royal Gigolos

California Dreaming

220964 Royal Crown Revue

Barflies At The Beach

220965 Royal Blood

I Only Lie When I Love You

220966 Rod Stewart

Lost In You

220967 Rolling Stones

Girl From The North Country

220968 Roxy Music


220969 Roy Orbison

(They Call You) Gigolette

220970 Roxette

Go To Sleep

220971 Royal Guardsmen

Snoopy's Christmas

220972 Roxx Gang

Shame On Me

220973 Royal Crown Revue

Beyond The Sea

220974 Roxette

Goodbye To You

220975 Rod Stewart

Lost Paraguayos

220976 Roxy Music


220977 Rolling Stones

Going Home

220978 Roy Orbison

16 Candles

220979 Royce Da 5'9 F/ Twista

Let's Go

220980 Royal Crown Revue

Big Boss Lee

220981 Roxx Gang

Shine A Light

220982 Royal Teens

Believe Me

220983 Roxette

Habla El Corazon (listen To Your Heart)

220984 Roy Orbison

A Love So Beautiful

220985 Rod Stewart

Love Hurts

220986 Rolling Stones

Going To A Go Go

220987 Roxy Music

Sea Breezes

220988 Royce Da 5'9''


220989 Royal Crown Revue

Boogie After Midnight

220990 Royal Teens

Short Shorts

220991 Roy Orbison

A Mansion On The Hill

220992 Roxx Gang

Silver Train

220993 Roxette

Half A Woman, Half A Shadow

220994 Rolling Stones


220995 Rod Stewart

Love Touch

220996 Royce Da 5'9''

Blow Dat

220997 Roxy Music

Sentimental Fool

220998 Royce Da 5'9F/ Eminem

Rock City

220999 Royal Crown Revue

Datin' With No Dough

221000 Roxx Gang

Skin And Bones

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