Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
201951 Paul Weller

Brand New Start

201952 Paul Simon

Hearts And Bones

201953 Pat Benatar

The Tide Is High

201954 Patty Loveless

Over My Shoulder

201955 Paul McCartney

Getting Closer

201956 Paul Stanley

Wouldn't You Like To Know Me

201957 Paul Westerberg

Dyslexic Heart

201958 Paul Simon


201959 Paul Weller

Out Of The Sinking

201960 PAUL WALL

They Don't Know (feat. Mike Jones)

201961 Patty Griffin

Tomorrow Night

201962 Pat Benatar

The Victim

201963 Patty Loveless


201964 Paul Westerberg

Stain Yer Blood

201965 Paul McCartney

Girl's School

201966 Paul Weller


201967 Paul Simon

How Can You Live In the Northeast

201968 Patty Griffin


201969 PAUL WALL

Tryin To Get Paid

201970 Pat Benatar

Tide Is High

201971 Patty Loveless

Pieces Of The Ground

201972 Paul Weller

Wild Wood

201973 Paul Westerberg


201974 Paul Simon

How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns

201975 Paul McCartney

Give Ireland Back To The Irish

201976 Pat Benatar

Ties That Bind

201977 PAUL WALL

Why You Peepin Me

201978 Patty Griffin

Top Of The World

201979 Paul Weller

You Do Something To Me

201980 Paul Westerberg

Waiting For Somebody

201981 Patty Loveless

Pretty Little Miss

201982 Paul Simon

Hurricane Eye

201983 Paul Weston

It Might As Well Be Spring

201984 Patty Griffin

Tracks Of My Tears

201985 Paul Weller

You Do Someting To Me

201986 Pat Benatar

Too Long A Soldier

201987 Paul McCartney

Goodnight Tonight

201988 Paul Simon

I Do It For Your Love

201989 Patty Griffin


201990 Pat Benatar

Tradin' Down

201991 Patty Loveless

Same Kind of Crazy

201992 Paul Simon

I Don't Believe

201993 Patty Griffin

Twisted Road

201994 Paul McCartney

Heart of The Country

201995 Pat Benatar

Treat Me Right

201996 Patty Loveless

She Drew A Broken Heart

201997 Paul Whiteman

All Of Me

201998 Paul Wynn

Shaving Cream

201999 Paul Williams

Flying Dreams (Secret Of Nimh)

202000 Patty Griffin

Under These Clouds

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