Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
20051 Andy Grammer

Holding Out

20052 FARIZ RM

Lady (feat. Symphony)

20053 Andy Griggs

Someone Like Me

20054 Andy Gibb

One More Look At the Night

20055 Andy Grammer

Honey, I'm Good

20056 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Pilate And Christ

20057 Andy Griggs

The Road To Lasting Love

20058 Fendy Chow


20059 Andy Grammer

Honey, I'm Good dan Terjemahan

20060 FARIZ RM

Lepas Kontrol

20061 Andy Griggs

Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man

20062 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Pilate's Dream

20063 Andy Grammer

I Am Yours

20064 Andy Gibb

Our Love, Don't Throw It All Away

20065 FARIZ RM


20066 Andy Griggs

Waitin' On Sundown

20067 Febrian

Goresan Jejak

20068 Andy Gibb

Pure And Simple

20069 FARIZ RM

Malam Itu

20070 Andy Grammer

I Choose You

20071 Amy Grant

What A Difference You've Made

20072 Andy Griggs

You Made Me That Way

20073 Andy Grammer

I Found You

20074 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Point Of No Return

20075 Fenny Dior

Ah Ah Aaahhh

20076 Andy Griggs

You Won't Ever Be Lonely

20077 Andy Gibb

Rest Your Love On Me

20078 FARIZ RM

Malam Ke Sembilan

20079 Andy Grammer


20080 Andy Gibb

Shadow Dancing

20081 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Poor Jerusalem (Feat Simon Zealotes)

20082 FARIZ RM

Mega Bhuana

20083 Andy Grammer

Keep Your Head Up

20084 Andy Gibb

Someone I Ain't

20085 Fentry

Damai Surga (duet with Ismoyo)

20086 Andy Grammer

Kiss You Slow

20087 Febrian

Masih Cinta

20088 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Poor Poor Joseph

20089 Andy Gibb


20090 FARIZ RM

Mekar Mekarlah

20091 Fenny Dior


20092 Amy Grant

What About The Love

20093 Andy Grammer


20094 Andy Griggs & Waylon Jennings

Shine On Me

20095 Andy Gibb

Time Is Time

20096 FARIZ RM


20097 Andrew Lloyd Webber

Poor, Poor Pharaoh

20098 Andy Grammer

Love Love Love (Let You Go)

20099 Fenty Nur

Bagai Makan Didaun

20100 Andy Gibb

Too Many Looks In Your Eyes

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