Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
171901 Manhattan Transfer

Roll Daddy, Roll

171902 MADONNA

Runaway Lover

171903 Marc Cohn

29 Ways

171904 Marc Anthony

Entre Tus Brazos

171905 Manowar

Kingdom Come

171906 Marc Broussard


171907 Manhattan Transfer


171908 Manic Street Preachers


171909 Marc Cohn

Already Home

171910 Marc Anthony


171911 MADONNA


171912 Marc Almond

Split Lip

171913 Manhattan Transfer

Route 66

171914 Marc Broussard

Gotta Be More

171915 Manowar

Kings Of Metal

171916 Marc Cohn


171917 MADONNA

Santa Baby

171918 Marc Anthony

Everything You Do

171919 Manhattan Transfer


171920 Manic Street Preachers

You Love Us

171921 Marc Broussard


171922 Marc Almond

Stories Of Johnny

171923 Marc Cohn

Baby King

171924 Manhattan Transfer

Safronia B

171925 MADONNA

Santa Evita

171926 Manowar


171927 Marc Anthony

Give Me A Reason

171928 Marc Broussard

Hope For Me Yet

171929 Marc Cohn

Bits and Pieces

171930 Manic Street Preachers

You Stole The Sun From My Heart

171931 Marc Almond

Tenderness Is A Weakness

171932 Manhattan Transfer

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Santa Man

171933 MADONNA


171934 Manowar

March For Revenge

171935 Marc Cohn

Blow On Chilly Wind

171936 Marc Broussard

Jeremiah's Prayer

171937 Marc Anthony

Hasta Ayer

171938 Manowar

March For Revenge (by The Soldiers Of Death)

171939 Marc Almond

The Boy Who Came Back

171940 Manhattan Transfer


171941 Marc Broussard

Just Like That (live)

171942 Manhattan Transfer

Scotch And Soda

171943 Manowar

Metal Daze

171944 MADONNA

Secret Garden

171945 Marc Cohn

Dig Down Deep

171946 Marc Anthony

Hasta Que Te Conoc

171947 Marc Broussard

Let Me Leave

171948 Marc Cohn

Don't Talk To Her At Night

171949 Manowar

Metal Warriors

171950 Marc Almond

The Days Of Pearly Spencer

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