Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
171501 Mandy Moore

I Wanna Be With You

171502 Mando Diao

You Can't Steal My Love

171503 Manhatten Transfer

A Nightengale Sang In Berkeley Square

171504 Manfred Mann

Heart On The Street

171505 MADONNA

Let It Will Be

171506 Manhattan Transfer

Boy From New York City

171507 Mandy Moore

In My Pocket

171508 Manhattan Transfer


171509 MADONNA

Like A Prayer

171510 Mania

Looking For A Place

171511 Manhattan Transfer


171512 Manfred Mann

Hello, I Am Your Heart

171513 Mandy Moore

It Only Took A Minute

171514 MADONNA

Like A Virgin

171515 Manhattan Transfer

Caroling, Caroling

171516 MADONNA

Like A Virgin/Hollywood Medley - Featuring Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears & Missy Elliott (2003 MTV VMA Performance)

171517 Manic Street

A Design For Life

171518 Manfred Mann

Hubble Bubble Toil And Trouble

171519 Mandy Moore

Its Gonna Be Love

171520 Manhattan Transfer

Chanson D'amour

171521 MADONNA

Like It Or Not

171522 MADONNA

Little Star

171523 Mandy Moore

Let Me Be The One

171524 Manfred Mann

I Wanna Be Rich

171525 Manic Street Preachers

Another Invented Disease

171526 Manhattan Transfer

Chicken Bone Bone

171527 MADONNA

Live To Tell

171528 Manic Street Preachers


171529 Manitoba's Wild Kingdom

The Party Starts Now!

171530 Mandy Moore

Lock Me In Your Heart

171531 Manhattan Transfer

Choo Choo Ch' Boogie

171532 Manfred Mann

If You Gotta Go Go Now

171533 MADONNA

Living For Love

171534 MADONNA

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

171535 Manfred Mann

Lies (through The Eighties)

171536 Mandy Moore

Love For You Always

171537 Manic Street Preachers

Born To End

171538 Manhattan Transfer

Clap Your Hands

171539 MADONNA

Love Makes The World Go Round


Real Big

171541 Manfred Mann

Martha's Madman

171542 Manhattan Transfer

Clouds (Adapted From "Nuages")

171543 Mandy Moore

Love Shot

171544 Mandy Moore

Love Shot dan Terjemahan

171545 MADONNA

Love Profusion

171546 Manic Street Preachers

Condemned To Rock 'n' Roll

171547 Manhattan Transfer

Code Of Ethics

171548 Mandy Moore

Love You For Always

171549 Mandy Moore

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

171550 Mano Chao

Bongo bong

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