Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
151801 Kelly Price F/ Daron Jones, Quinnes Parker

You Complete Me

151802 Katy Perry

Trust In Me

151803 Kellie Pickler

I Wonder

151804 Kelly Osbourne

Edge of Your Atmosphere

151805 Kelly Clarkson

Anytime (Vocal Version)

151806 Kelly Price F/ Gerald Levert, K-Ci Haley

All I Want Is You

151807 Kelly Price

As We Lay

151808 Katy Perry

Tsunami (Terjemahan)

151809 Keith Urban

I Told You So

151810 Kelly Clarkson

At Last

151811 Kelly Price F/ Jonia, Jeff Jr.

The Lullaby

151812 Kelly Osbourne

Everything's Alright

151813 Kelly Price

At Least (Little Things)

151814 Johnny Cash

Oh, Lonesome Me [Undubbed Master]

151815 KELIS


151816 Kellie Pickler

I'm On My Way

151817 Katy Perry


151818 Keane

Run With Me (Terjemahan)

151819 Kelly Clarkson

Ave Maria

151820 KEHLANI

Escape (Terjemahan)

151821 Keith Urban

I Wanna Be Your Everything

151822 Kelly Price F/ Keith Murray

Take It To The Head

151823 Kelly Osbourne

More Than Life Itself

151824 Kelly Price

Back In The Day

151825 Katy Perry

Unconditionally (Terjemahan)

151826 Kelly Clarkson

Back Again

151827 Johnny Cash

Oh, What A Good Thing We Had

151828 Kelly Price F/ Method Man

Like You Do

151829 Kelly Price

Can't Run Away

151830 Keith Urban

I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever)

151831 Katy Perry

Ur So Gay

151832 Keane

Sea Fog

151833 Kelly Price F/ R. Kelly

National Anthem / She Wants You

151834 Kelly Osbourne

On The Run

151835 Kellie Pickler

I'm Your Woman

151836 Kelly Price

Don't Say Goodbye

151837 Kelly Clarkson

Be Still

151838 KELIS

Digital World

151839 Katy Perry

Use Your Love

151840 Kelly Price

Feels So Good

151841 Kelly Osbourne

On Your Own

151842 Kelly Rowland


151843 Kelly Clarkson

Beautiful Disaster

151844 Johnny Cash

Old Account

151845 Keith Urban

I Wanna Love Somebody Like You

151846 Kelly Price

Friend Of Mine

151847 Kelly Rowland F/ Nelly


151848 Kelly Osbourne

One Word

151849 Kelly Clarkson

Beautiful Disaster (Kelly Clarkson)

151850 Katy Perry

Waking Up In Vegas

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