Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
65801 Buddy Jewell

You Ain't Doin' It Right

65802 Bruce Springsteen

I'm On Fire

65803 Buddy Holly

I Gambled My Heart - Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery

65804 Buddy Jewell

You Know How Women Are

65805 Bryan Adams

On Christmas Day

65806 Buena Vista Social Club

Amor De Loca Juventud

65807 Buddy Holly

I Guess I Was Just A Fool

65808 Buena Vista Social Club

Chan Chan

65809 Bruce Springsteen


65810 Buena Vista Social Club

Dos Gardenias

65811 Bryan Adams

One Good Reason

65812 Buffalo Bill

Are You About A Size 14

65813 Buddy Holly

I Wanna Play House With You - Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery

65814 Buena Vista Social Club

El Carretero

65815 Buddy Holly

I'm Gonna Love You Too

65816 Buena Vista Social Club

El Cuarto De Tula

65817 Bruce Springsteen

If I Should Fall Behind

65818 Buena Vista Social Club

La Bayamesa

65819 Bryan Adams

One Night Love Affair

65820 Buena Vista Social Club

Veinte Años

65821 Buffalo Bill And Catherine

Put The F***ing Lotion In The Basket

65822 Buddy Holly

I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down

65823 Buddy Holly

I'm Looking For Someone To Love

65824 Bryan Adams

Only The Strong Survive

65825 Buddy Holly

It Doesn't Matter Anymore

65826 Bruce Springsteen

If I Should Fall Behind [1992]

65827 Buffalo Springfield


65828 Buffalo Tom

Anything That Way

65829 Bryan Adams

Open Road

65830 Buddy Holly

It's Not My Fault

65831 Bruce Springsteen

If I Was The Priest

65832 Buddy Holly

It's So Easy

65833 Buffalo Springfield

Broken Arrow

65834 Buffalo Springfield

For What Its Worth

65835 Buddy Holly

It's Too Late

65836 Bryan Adams

Please Forgive Me

65837 Bruce Springsteen

In Freehold

65838 Buffalo Tom


65839 Buddy Holly

Last Night

65840 Bruce Springsteen

In Michigan

65841 Buffy

2 Find U

65842 Bryan Adams


65843 Buffy

Give Me A Reason

65844 Buffalo Tom


65845 Buddy Holly

Learning the Game

65846 Buddy Holly

Listen To Me

65847 Buffy

No One

65848 Bryan Adams


65849 Buffy


65850 Bruce Springsteen

In My Imagination

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