Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
55951 Blue

U Make Me Wanna

55952 Blue October

Let It Go

55953 The Titans

Lepas Semua

55954 Blue Oyster Cult

I Love The Night

55955 The Upstairs


55956 The Trees and The Wild


55957 Blue

Walk Away

55958 The Titans

Malaikat Tak Bersayap

55959 Blue Rodeo


55960 Blue October

Let the Sandman Descend

55961 Blue Oyster Cult

I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep

55962 The Upstairs


55963 The Trees and The Wild

The Noble Savage

55964 Blue Rodeo

Two Tongues

55965 The Titans

Melayang Lagi

55966 Blue

When Summer's Gone

55967 Blue October

Libby I'm Listening

55968 Blue Rodeo

Up On That Cloud

55969 Blue Oyster Cult

In Thee

55970 The Upstairs

Gadis Gangster

55971 The Trees and The Wild


55972 The Titans

Menangis (Jauh Dariku)

55973 Blue October

Light You Up

55974 Blue

Where You Want Me

55975 Blue Oyster Cult

Jane Jane (the Hurricane)

55976 Blue Rodeo

What Am I Doing Here

55977 The Titans

Mengapa Aku

55978 The Upstairs

Hanya Aku, Musik. Dan Lantai

55979 Blue October

Lust is a Very Dangerous Thing

55980 Blue Rodeo

What Is This Love

55981 Blue Oyster Cult

Joan Crawford

55982 The Titans

Na Na Na

55983 The Upstairs

Kami Datang Untuk Musik

55984 Blue

Without You

55985 Blue Rodeo

You're Everywhere

55986 The Upstairs

Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi

55987 Blue October

Lust is a Very Dangerous Thing (Gyroscopic Rules Mix)

55988 The Titans

Rasa Cinta

55989 Blue Oyster Cult

Last Days Of May

55990 The Titans

Rasa Ini

55991 The Upstairs


55992 Blue Oyster Cult

Let Go

55993 Blue October


55994 The Titans

Rasa Ini.intro

55995 The Upstairs


55996 Blue Side

Ahogy Régen...

55997 Blue October

Mistakes (Album Version)

55998 Blue Oyster Cult

Light Years Of Love

55999 Blue Side

Fekszem A Földön

56000 The Upstairs


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