Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
5301 Absu

Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle

5302 Anggun

Rose In The Wind

5303 Anima

Cinta Sebenarnya 1

5304 Abyssaria

Her Painful Dreams Of Suicide

5305 Anggun C Sasmi

Mimpi (song)

5306 Anggun


5307 Anima

Cinta Sebenarnya 2

5308 AC Milan Anthem

Forza Milan! Milan Campione

5309 AC Milan

Inno Milan

5310 Abyssaria


5311 Anggun C Sasmi

Mon Meilleur Amour

5312 Absu

Pillars Of Mercy

5313 Anima


5314 AC/DC

Ac Dc - Gimme A Bullet

5315 Abyssos

As The Sky Turns Black Again (love Eternal)

5316 Abyssaria

Mountain Of Dead Souls

5317 Anggun

Sebelum Berhenti

5318 Anggun C Sasmi

My Man

5319 AC/DC

Ain't No Fun (waiting 'round To Be A Milliona

5320 Anggun C Sasmi

My Sensual Mind

5321 Abyssos

Banquet In The Dark (black Friday)

5322 Anima

Disini Aku Menunggu

5323 Anggun

Sebelum Berhenti (Seize the moment)

5324 Abyssaria

Rebellion Of The Damned

5325 Acariciame

María Conchita Alonso

5326 Accept

Ahead Of The Pack

5327 Absu

Prelusion To Cythraul

5328 Anggun C Sasmi

Naked Sleep

5329 AC/DC

Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)

5330 Anggun

Secret Of Sea

5331 Abyssaria

Symbols Of My Universe

5332 Accept

Aiming High

5333 Abyssos

Finally I Kissed The Pale Horse

5334 Absu

She Cries The Quiet Lake

5335 Anggun C Sasmi

Non Angelical

5336 AC/DC

All Screwed Up

5337 Anggun

Secret of the Sea

5338 Anima


5339 Accept

All Or Nothing

5340 Abyssaria

The Everlasting Fire

5341 Absu

Stone Of Destiny (...for Magh Slecht And Ard

5342 Acceptance

Black And White

5343 Anggun C Sasmi

On the Breath of an Angel

5344 Abyssos

Firebreathing Whore

5345 AC/DC

Alright Tonight

5346 Accept

Amamos La Vida

5347 Abyssaria

The Incessant Fall Of Mankind

5348 Absu

Swords And Leather

5349 Acceptance


5350 Anggun

Segalanya (All Of You) (Feat. Julio Iglesias)

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