Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (version 1)


Say lonely child

Say all the while

Say morning child

In the morning child

Do you want me child

Do you want me child

Do you want me child

And I know you wear the high

I owe you the morning

And I need all you all the summers in the sand

And high we walk when we begin to crawl

And I say child, will you never make it know

Baby sweet, you on and on

And it's suddenly

Bono: "Not too many words."

Yeah, not again

Bono: "Is this the chorus?"

And you walk along...

And you're walking

And it changes

Bono: "That's good, hold it now."

Baby, sweet talking baby

Around...don't turn around and sing

Don't turn around

We suffer in the sand

Don't turn your back

When the same is in your song


Bono: [laughs] "Something?"

Bono: "What's the verse, again?"

Lonely, and you choose your heart

And you're weaving

Don't turn around

Turn around again

Bono: "This is the chorous, yeah."

On wilderland

Don't turn around

The sun ain't gonna shine

We no more day be gone

I want you now

I need you now

Like the curls on the trees and the ohhhh child

Why...love...you want me child

You want a chance, you wanna

But you can't

I need you girl

Don't turn around

Don't turn around no more

Don't turn around, baby see me more

Don't turn around, the sun again is sing you home

So, caledonia

Caledonia, caledonia

Don't turn around

Don't turn around

Don't turn around...

[a second of silence]

Bono: "Try not to do that again."

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