Don't Mind Me

Stephen Simmons

Don't mind me
If I sit here alone
I'm not hurting anybody
If I'm drinking alone
And don't mind me
Man I've been here before
Not this stool, not this bar on this street
But I've felt this before

It's a matter of pride
I go this alone
So you think it ain't right
Won't you mind your own

And don't mind me
Don't know why I say things
Open my mouth and the truth flies out you see
But it don't mean anything
And don't mind me
If I laugh when you say
Can't take my word cause you believe
That it's no good in this place


And don't mind me
Just keep it moving along
The last thing in this world that I need
Is a bar full of yapping jaws
And don't mind me
Man I'll pay when I'm done
Already owed everybody
Before I ever begun