I'm That feat. 2 Chainz


We coming, we coming, we coming (hey!)

Sim simma, I just wan' buy me a Beamer
Tick tick, blow up! Hiroshima!
Who am I? I'm that nigga!
Who am I? I'm that nigga!

Look, real nigga, no faking, island boy but I ain't Jamaican
In my hood, they flip work and then chop bricks like they half Asian
Gone jailin', can't save him, getting dough so the cops take him
Please tell them motherscunt to kick rocks and stop hating
All you ever been was a shoulda coulda woulda
Me, on the other hand, well I's the girls dem sugar
Just me and my brother, hot like St. Thomas summer
All I wanted was a Beamer and to move out the gutter
The world is ours, Scarface, even though we came from a small place
No matter where I'm at, I'm VI, all day
The St. Thomas Kanye, need a feature? Call Ray
Ain't stopping til everybody in the hood all say (Mayday!)

Bad man, bad man, all I know is bad man
Houzin down to Savan, I does run with Rock Man
Rock man, rock man, yes I am a rock man
But I get girl from Cruz, and I get girl from St. John
New slang, new slang, I spitting that new slang
I ain't never had nothing, man been broke for too long
Wassup? Wassup? Tell them haters wassup
If they looking for me, I'm vacationing on Vessup
Hold on, hold on, please big man, just hold on
This is not no softness, this is not no love song
Theron, Theron, yes my name is Theron
My mother name me Theron
When you see me, call me Theron!

I went to the prom in a foreign car
I be going hard like it's no tomorrow
Parallel park by the Georgia Dome
In the parking lot getting Georgia dome
A-T-L-A-N-T-A, G-A is where I stay
I came up in a trap house and booming yay like everyday
I might pull up in that bitch in a Porsche, showing no remorse
Yelling fuck y'all!, intercourse
Winners' choice, I'll get her moist, PRPS is my denim choice
Everything I got exclusive, if it sell out, it won't be anymore
I'm getting pussy galore, opportunity knocking, it's been at the door
I just might be in my Maybach, I had a Beamer before