One Way (feat. Mic Righteous & Maiday)


[Intro - Maiday]
What if the very thing that threatens you, is the very thing that beckons you
Roll up your sleeves, pull down you're hood
Why do all the bad things feel so good?

[Hook - Maiday]
Because theres only one way, one way to fix it
One way, one way to make it better
One way to get out of this place if you want it

[Verse 1 - Mic Righteous]
If you want it you can fix it, there's many who have dared,
I tried, I've been inside for twenty two years,
You could lose everything, they could bury you here
Very few leave in a merry mood here
But you never knew I've been in every room here,
I know a few secrets that very few share, but listen
They don't even notice me, a bit of courtesy to clean the dirt you leave
its a one way street can you work with me?
its a five-star suite, something lurks beneath
don't scratch the surface, don't turn a cheek
don't speak of anything you have heard or seen
the lonely ignore you, the more you speak
and don't forget to wash your hands before you leave
there's something fishy in Cabana, maybe its the pirahnas
this place will turn you crazy, think they're saving me for afters a master.


[Verse 2 - Mic Righteous]
Yeah don't forget to wash your hands before you leave round here
We've gotta clean this toilet
Can't sleep or breathe, the heat is boiling
and in between good and evil, don't eat the poison
follow your heart, if you can't beat them, join them
walk into reception, seek employment
There's one way to change if two of us can make it
Why is it the bad things that always feel the greatest?
Bottle of grey goose, you're wearing the same suit
but you don't look as good as you did when you came through