We Don't Care



Oh yeah, I got the perfect song for the kids to sing

And all my people that's

[Chorus (Kanye 1-2, 4-7)]

[1] Drug dealin' just to get by

[2] stackin' money 'till it get sky high

[3] (kids, sing. kids, sing)

[4] We wasn't supposed to make it past 25

[5] Joke's on you, we still alive

[6] Throw your hands up in the sky and yell

[7] We don't care what people say

[Verse 1]

If this is your first time hearin' this

You are about to experience something so cold, man

We never had nothin' handed

Took nothin' for granted

Took nothin' from no man

Man I'm my own man

But as a shorty I looked up to the dope man

Only adult man I knew that wasn't broke, man

Flickin' Starter coats, man

Man you don't know, man

We don't care what people say

This is for my niggas outside all winter

'Cause this summer they ain't finna'

Say next summer I'm finna'

Sittin' in the hood like community colleges

This dope money here is little Tre's scholarship

'Cause ain't no tuition for having no ambition

And ain't no loans for sittin' your ass at home

So we forced to sell crack, rap, and get a job

You gotta do somethin' man, your ass is grown

[Chorus (Kanye 1-3, kids 4-6)]

[Verse 2]

The second verse is for my dawgs workin 9 to 5

That still hustle 'cause a nigga can't shine off $6.55

And everybody selling makeup, Jacob's

And bootlegged tapes just to get they cake up

We put shit on layaway, then come back

We claim other people kids on our income tax

We take that money, cop work, then push packs to get paid

And we don't care what people say

Momma say she wanna move south

Scratchin' lottery tickets, eyes on a new house

'Round the same time, Doe ran up in dude house

Couldn't get a job, so since he couldn't get work

He figured he'd take work

The drug game bulimic, it's har

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