Can't Help It

Jon B.

(verse 1)
shoulda seen it from the git go
you were on some shit
no other girl has ever gotten under my skin
girl why you got an attitude
i was at the mall for you
thinking it was all good playing myself
(pre chorus)
baby sometimes
you act so perfect to me
you act sometimes like an angel
that's the part that hurts me most
wonder if this is meant to be
no other love gotta stop loving you
(chorus 1)
can't help it, can't help the way i feel, cant help it
said i can't help the wya i love you girl
can't help it, said i can't help the way i feel
can't help it, tell me what i gotta do, no no,
i can't help it
(verse 2)
girl you got me wakig up at night
sittin up turn on the morning light sweating
cause i dream that u were fucking my friend
i don't choose to thik the way i do
i ca't get away from you
girl, i hate the way you're messing with my head
(repeat pre chorus)
(chorus 2)
can't help it
can't help the way i feel, can't help it
what i gotta do to please you baby, can't help it
stuck between a rock and a hard place, baby
can't help it, no no
i can't help it
(bridge 1)
what if i change my mind i
is it gonna be right this time
are you still gonna be around for me baby
tell me, tell me, baby
tired of being your fool, can't help myself with you
can't help myself
(chrorus 3)
can't help it can't thelp the way i feel for you
can't help it, i feel i feel for you, baby
can't help it
no, no i can't help it
just wanna getta away
just can't help the way i feel for you
can't help it
oh, i wish my mind would quit
with thoughts of you fucking around on me, baby