Jimmy's Chicken Shack

Time to scale again the wall
eight feet move two inches tall
I watch in mirth as she catches prey
I see her work here everyday
another web in my path that spider lays
I think there there's nothing to it
think I'm gonna walk right through it

don't ever give up on yourself
don't ever give up on yourself
don't ever give up on yourself
won't ever give up i'm young

I've seemed to done it once again
a spiderweb gets stuck all in my head
I walk through it everyday it's just the path I lay
if she could catch me in her web
I wonder how many days she would be fed
on the flesh that clings to these lanky bones

Don't ever give up on yourself (x4)

Don't ever give up on yourself
Cause I wont ever give up on myself
The circle of humanity is a 3-60
That begins and ends with me
and my endless interactions
With separate entities that make up my family
So what we need is that
Aphrodisiac to protect us from the webs
that hang low to hunt are heads
We're not going out like that this time
This time were going to walk right through it

Throw your hands in the air if you know what this is about
see I snatch mics and cross boundaries while the crowd be
jumping around and wilding and getting rowdy
time to break free of spiderwebs that surround me
while I chase my density the beats bring out the best in me
If the spider catches me then that will be the death of me
be the sole controller of your mind you can't escape it
power is only passed to those who dare to take it
from the spiderweb