We Got The Times

Heaven's Gate

You wasted every day in those years before

only broken dreams you 're looking for

there will never be life guaranteed

if you don't believe you 're down on your knees

I could never understand

the way you live your life and take it all

but now you better realize you have to fall


But you will find a way

you had time enough to worry

watch out for the future

it has something to say :


we got the time

there's nothing left to talk about

we got the time

we're standing here forever more

we got the time

believin' we can work it out

listen there's no doubt about

Watch the time it's running down the drain

if you only live in sorrow and pain ????

now your time has come to break away

remember all those early days

you always struggled for a piece of truth

it's your responsibility for your misspent youth