Planet Earth

Heaven's Gate

Standing at the shore, the wind is blowing

fast with power

like a fortress wall the rain is smashing

pouring down

feelin' all alone and noone there to keep

me warm

Sun has turned into a black and frozen

peace of coal

in this poison gas no creature even can


feeling all alone 'cause I'm the one who's

staying alive


I hear a voice from the dark, it says:

Dirty fools, look what we have done

frozen tears in a black hole sun

My heart is dying, my soul's gettin' cold

I never listened to warnings they told


Planet Earth

please, forgive me

I'm mistaken

this heavens on earth is a crying shame

we have the choice to proclaim

Every day I watch the news, they say the

world is bleeding

we're responsible for every little peace of ground

hand in hand we have the chance to say it loud