Hell For Sale!

Heaven's Gate

Hey, you little fool, come down to me and see

show you my world of things you never meant to be

don't fear, just crave for all things for you to come

if you won't be the same before the night is done

So, look all through my place, say, isn't it nice ?


Got sick and tired, my job is done

I guit this life and go to start another one


Hell for sale!

come down you won't believe it

Hell for sale!

you can buy it

Hell for sale!

I know you won't leave it

Hell for sale!

So as you're here I think you feel its special charm

it's dirty cheap and weather proof

forever keeps you warm


[Public Sale]

OK, we start with the first offer at 10 quid

who bids more?

12 quid!

12? For Hell? You gonna be jokin'!


OK, you got it!!!

[SOLO: Sascha / Bonny]