He's The Man

Heaven's Gate

He is the king of our land

with golden heart and iron hand

he rules

he's the saviour

He's taking care of our lives

his black eyes know to hypnotize

he leads

through his behaviour


With golden wings on glory ride

he rose the iron sword

we all are here to pay tribute

and celebrate the lord


He's the man

he fights for law and order

he's the man

and standing one for all

he's riding for our liberty

beyond the fear and agony

he will be the saviour of us all

He's the man

The scepter's rising for a sign

the chalice full of bloody wine

beloved king,

we salute ya'!

The jester does exhilarate

there is no time to hesitate

we know

we 'll ride forever

The path of glory never ends

we keep the faith of fame

the iron sword is riding on

Hallowed be thy name


Marching in the darkness

standing side by side

all the gods of thunder

blinded by the light

[SOLO: Sascha / CHORUS]