Gate Of Heaven

Heaven's Gate

Don't believe in the lies you told

you will never die with a heart of gold

stop pretending to be so brave

there'll be no diamonds within your grave


Here we are and stand to attention

here we are together again

here we are it's time to be mentioned

roaring like thunder

appears like a wonder

without any move

gonna get closer to you


we're all waiting for the HEAVENS GATE

you know your time will come but don't be late

the key of love is always waiting for a smile

until the day I 'll die

Stop pretending to be a star

with a pretty face you won't get too far

watch the hills growing in your eyes

for a wasteful life you'll pay the price


Dark light reactions is full life reflections

HEAVENS GATE wonder with lightning and thunder

it's got the power to trap and devour

searching for more we slip through that door

We're standing all together in paradise

when night comes down ready to paralyse

feel the heat

thunder and lightning is taking us up to the sky