Empty Way To Nowhere

Heaven's Gate

The time is moving senses

the lights are dimming down

we set this town on fire

it's time to leave it now


The night is black, the wheels keep turnin'

we're driving down deserted roads

you must believing in this hard times' life

and we're standing here

and it sounds so clear


We're on this empty way to nowhere

we live our life, we love that rock

we 're standing in the certain glory

watchin' the night wastin' and fadin' away

1.000 miles an hour

like with the speed of light

another place of power

is coming into sight

You say our life is bad and evil

but we just live it to the full

we're feelin' reckless as we hear you roar

and we're standin' here

and it sounds so clear


85 days on the road

nothing's been left and we're feelin' so cold

there is new power to charge

most every night we are taking it all,

taking it all