I'm Out

Green Lizard

thinkin' back to how it was

used to treat me as your own

used to say i was ok

used to take me to your home


then I found out who I was

found out what I had to say (you want me)

the more I turned into myself

the more I think I came to be (you want me)

lookin' back to how it was

you used to laugh at all my friends

you used to drag us through the mud

you used to bitch about my band


then we found out who we were

found out what we had to say (you want me)

you tried to come back in our lives

and now it's you who people hate (you want me)

(I'm out)

I guess I'm out of the game

(guess I'm out of luck this time?)

(but that is just the way it's supposed to be?)

(I don't care about it?)

(I don't care at all)