Dancin' Shoes

Gavin DeGraw

Verse 1:

It's so nice to see you.
Can we sit and talk for a while?
I have searched forever,
I can't imagine anything better.

Kids upon the stairway,
Couples on the sidewalk squares.
If I get to your heart soon,
I'll call a perfect afternoon.

Won't you call my number.
Don't push, but don't hesitate.
Wake me from this slumber.
Rush me, but leave time to wait.

Checkmate on my shoulder.
I'm tired of this win or lose.
Well, I'm no knight in shining armor,
But I'm no pair of dancin' shoes.
I'm no pair of dancin' shoes.

My patience ran away.
Take me with you.
You keep me holding on.
Nothin's understood
You're so confusing
Tell it to me straight


Rush me but leave time to wait
I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes' (x4)