The Summer Wind

Fun Lovin' Criminals

The summerwind, came blowing in, from across the sea

It lingered there, to touch your hair, and walk with me

All summer long, you sing a song, and we stole that golden sand,

Two sweethearts, and the summerwind.

Like painted kites, those days and nights, they went flying by,

The world was new, beneath the blue, umbrella sky,

?One soft event?, a pappa man, one day it called to you,

I lost you, I lost you to the summerwind.

Young wind, and the well aware, they have come and gone,

and still the days, those lonely days, they go on and on and on,

And guess who sized, his lullabies, through nights that never end,

My fickle friend,

The summerwind, on the summerwind (repeat to fade)